NEW LED Vision Chart C900I 17 inch XGA Panel


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specifications︰ Technical data
Power Supply:
Input: 110~230V AC 10%,50/60Hz
Output: 12V DC
Consumption: 20Walt (max)
Dimension: 420x350x40mm (L/W/H)
Net weight: 3.0kgs
Advantages︰ The new update of C900I LED Vision Chart
1/. LED screen
Energy saving — it reduces 30% power consumption compared with LCD screens.
Long life span.
High brightness and contrast — With LED screen you can see all the test pictures clear even under strong light.
The brightness of LED screen decreases only 30% for using 100000 hours. And the color of the screen will remain the same as a new one.
Optimal design — reduces the extra cables inside the instrument. The less cables, the less troubles.
Much lighter — The LED screen is lighter than the LCD screen.

2/. Excellent CPU
Cut down the waiting time of shifting charts.
Respond much faster to your operation on remote controller.

3/. More options of optotypes display style are offered— V Style Optotypes which can avoid crowding phenomenon.

4/.The latest software version will be released at the same time.

5/. Features
Video and audio playing function available
User-defined testing applications available
Equipped with an accelerometer, the direction of icons can be adjusted automatically when the screen orientation changes
Gamma calibration function is realized in the contrast sensitivity test
The icons is in random orientation in E and E testing
Vectorial icon sets
The system based on linux platform.
Easily upgrade through U disk
Standard Met︰ CE

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